Last update: 13.5.2003

Generally you can find nearly everything important in Mazunte, Zipolite or San Agustinillo, but shops are cheaper in Puerto Angel and cheapest in Pochutla or Puerto Escondido.

In the morning you can buy meat and seafood in the market halls of Pochutla, later in the day we recommend butchers with refrigeration (e.g. the butcher next to the "Casa de siete culturas" "Super Carnicería Max") and the fish market of Puerto Angel, which is located in front of the harbor pier next to the hotel "Soraya".

The cheapest fresh vegetables are available on the streets or in the market hall of Pochutla. Around 100 booths offer everything from avocados, mangos and pineapples to red bananas, numerous stands entice with fresh local food for modest prizes.

Besides large markets Pochutla also offers a few bigger pharmacies, photo shops, auto repair shops, cyber cafes, super markets and a coffee house, with natural produced coffee from a nearby finca.

You can buy a good fresh white bread directly in Roca Blanca/Zipolite at "Peter Pan" or in the pochutlean "Casa de siete regiones" ("house of the seven regions") - depending on your bread philosophy (or religion).

In the middle of Pochutlas Zocalo you will find a circular open coffee shop. If you go down the steps to the basement you will run into the UNAM bookstore. This medium sized shop offers classic and modern novels and, a large selection of other books ranging from political theory to cook books for traditional dishes. Worth visiting!

Between Zipolite and San Agustinillo there is the “Rancha Hamaca”, where they produce and repair hammocks. A natural cosmetic shop in the center of Mazunte sells local products.

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