Last update: 5.11.2003

Clean bright sandy beaches extending from east to west means breathtaking sunsets as well as georgeous sun and moon rises. Add 334 ¾ days a year of bathingweather (statistically calculated :-) no need for shoes or scarfs 24 hours a day, bathing in the nude and you have the ingredients of a perfect beach paradise.

The region provides also a perfect environment for relaxing - there are various massageists, fisictherapists and healers.

Beach and sea

Enter a water that is as warm as Californians dream about ("Baywatch" is just make believe, it´s simply too cold for swimming in Santa Barbara). Between december and february the sea is generally quiet, in the rainy season are waves high and the surf strong.

But every bay has his differences. So visit the local subpags to get more detailled informacion.

Food and drinks

Day and night you find mexican and international cuisine wherever you go. Sample innumerable fishfood and seefood restaurants, taco stands or italian, french, argentinien and spanish restaurants. Start the day in one of the breakfast cafes, finish it with a “Cuba libre” in a beach bar and pass the day in your hammoc or a garden with the permission to offer beer, softdrinks and music. Watch out for happy hours!

If you need it, dance into the morning hours in a "night club". There are
three: The "Zipolipas" in the center of the village of Zipolite, "La
Puesta" in Roca Blanca and "La Barra" in Mazunte, which opens on
Fridays and Saturdays only.

The cheapest way to consume your daily beer ration is to buy a "Caguama"
(this is what the 1 liter bottles are called in Mexico) in one of the shops and
drink it in a shady place on the beach to prevent it from getting warm.


Costa Chica is also a paradise for children of nature. With a little patience you can spot dolphins, wales, gigant turtles, pelicans, humming birds and a new girl- or boyfriend. In Ventanilla you can daily take part on guided tours in the mangrove swamps, which are declared as a biosphere reservate.


Telephone service you get in every village of the Costa Chica. Internet is availbale in Puerto Angel, in some places of Zipolite and now also in Mazunte. The Cyber Cafes are generally cheap, you can connect your laptop also in a Cyber garden and save, burn or print your digicam-pictures in selected places.

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